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Jossiv Kim

You should know who is Jossive Kim if you would like to avoid possible financial losses once he shows up around.

Why to Know Who Mr Jossiv Kim is?

Kim’s has been demonstrating his interest in criminal activities like forgery since quite an early age. He was a troubled young boy and most of his school years spent in a special educational institution for underage criminals.
Feedback obtained from his ex-neighbors in the village where he was born confirms that he was often involved into troubles, never missed an opportunity to cheat or steal.
Later he was arrested many times, mainly being suspected in frauds, but always managed to avoid a conviction. Although a lot of police records are missing after so many years, we know that Kim was married four times and every time left his wives taking over all of their savings.
After year 2000 Jossiv Kim travelled across quite a few countries of the European Union leaving many victims of his criminal activities behind.

Accused and wanted by Police

In September 2013 Dubai Police put Jossiv Lim on their wanted list accusing him of forging the governmental documents. The case was transferred to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of the UAE.

Be aware

Crime victims are looking for this person in Russia, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Israel and the UAE. If you spot him around, please be aware and let us know by leaving a message here.

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